Making a difference for two decades.


The Giustra Foundation was established in 1997 by Canadian businessman and philanthropist Frank Giustra. The Radcliffe Foundation supports a wide variety of international and local causes, focusing on women, children, education, and jobs.

Since 2005, the Giustra Foundation has been an active supporter of the International Crisis Group, a widely recognized independent, non-partisan source of analysis and advice to policymakers on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict. In 2007, Mr. Giustra and former U.S. President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, with the mandate of creating social and economic development programs through impact investing, in parts of the world where poverty is widespread.

Mr. Giustra is a founding patron of the Boys Club Network, an at-risk youth mentoring support group in Vancouver, Canada. The Radcliffe Foundation was also an inaugural supporter of Streetohome, the first broad community-based initiative to bring together stakeholders from business, nonprofits, and governments with citizens to address homelessness in Vancouver. Most recently, the Giustra Foundation has actively responded to the ongoing refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid to refugees in Greece and Turkey. Eight hundred of the most vulnerable refugees in Idomeni will get new accommodations in Thessaloniki, thanks to an unprecedented private-public partnership between the Radcliffe Foundation and the Greek Ministry of Migration.

For two decades, the Giustra Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing the welfare, health, and education of children; supporting programs to enhance health generally; and financing and promoting education.


Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, and global philanthropist Frank Giustra knows firsthand that success is no accident – it is the result of hard work, learning to fail, perseverance, and dreaming big. Over the decades, he has enjoyed great success in fields ranging from resource development to film. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Frank Giustra is CEO of the Fiore Group of Companies, a firm managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments, specializing in food and lifestyle, art, and entertainment, while building natural-resource companies. But, it’s not all about business; he is a strong believer in giving back and devotes much of his time to a variety of local and international causes. Most recently, he and his Radcliffe Foundation have become actively involved in the refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid to specific projects in Greece and Turkey. LEARN MORE


The Giustra Foundation supports charitable organizations that alleviate poverty; enhance the welfare of children; improve public health; and/or promote and enable education. The Giustra Foundation has been dedicated to improving livelihoods worldwide for almost two decades. WHO WE SUPPORT