Direct-impact philanthropy.

To help the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled violent conflict - and the home they once knew - the Giustra Foundation has established a fund that provides for basic human needs, including housing, medical attention, food, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), and supplies. Millions of refugees live in conditions of almost unimaginable squalor and discomfort, yet maintain a positive and optimistic attitude toward the many challenges that lie ahead. 100% of your gift will be used for the benefit of refugees, which means that no part of your donation will be used to cover any of the operational expenses. Even a small donation will make a big difference in the lives of people who have lost everything - family members, homes, personal possessions - except their dignity.



The Syrian refugee crisis is unprecedented. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have lost their lives. Entire cities have been reduced to rubble. Homes, hospitals, and schools have all come under attack. Half of Syria's pre-war population - more than 11 million people - have been killed, injured, or forced to flee. More than 4 million Syrians have registered, or are waiting to register, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Huge numbers are now in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and Iraq. Lebanon alone, a country with its own problems, hosts about 1.2 million refugees from Syria. Meaning one in every four people in Lebanon is now a Syrian refugee.

The plight of refugees in the camps is dire. Violence, illness, and malnutrition are prevalent. Syrian children have endured years of deprivation and displacement - they have known nothing but war. Adolescents have been raised amid continuous conflict. There are 13 million children deprived of education as a result of conflict in the region, and many of them live in these camps. As one policy expert put it: “Destabilization will come when you have a generation of children growing up in an environment where there is no education or social support.”

This is not just another refugee problem. And it’s not just someone else’s problem. It’s a historic crisis and a growing global threat. One that can be addressed if we act as global citizens and in collaboration with governments, the private sector, and the philanthropic community.





The Syrian refugee crisis is unprecedented. Homes, hospitals, and schools have all come under attack. Entire cities have been reduced to rubble. More than 12 million people — half of Syria's pre-war population — have been killed, injured, or forced to flee. We can make a direct, immediate, positive difference to the lives of children and families fleeing war.




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News Release: Hundreds of refugees to settle in Canada by year’s end after receipt of $3.5 million in donations ensures community sponsorship spaces are filled

OTTAWA, ONTARIO [November 14, 2018] – 685 refugees will be settled in 49 Canadian communities by the end of this year thanks to the rapid combined efforts of sponsors, private donors, and government. More than 150 sponsoring groups from across Canada have stepped forward since August to sponsor refugees, after a handful of philanthropic leaders […]

Inside My Heart – Poster – Digital V2
Frank Giustra’s Foundation Educates on Global Refugee Crisis with New Film, Inside My Heart

News Canadian philanthropist Frank Giustra and his foundation, The Radcliffe Foundation, will host the premiere of his new film Inside My Heart alongside Canadian director Debra Kellner, in Ottawa on Monday May 7th.

In 2015, I stood on a beach in Greece helping terrified and near-frozen refugees as they lurched out of a flimsy plastic boat filled with water. For them, this moment was one more step away from a devastating conflict that had ripped apart their world.