News Release: $150,000 raised in Family Day Campaign for wrap-around services supporting Vancouver families

Apr 22, 2022


$150,000 raised in Family Day Campaign for wrap-around services supporting Vancouver families

Public campaign launched by Herrendorf and Yassin Family Foundations is matched by three prominent family foundations

April 21, 2022 (Vancouver, BC) - Exceeding its original goal of $100,000, the We Got You Family Day campaign, launched on February 21 2022, BC Family Day, by Yassin and Herrendorf Family Foundations has raised over $150,000 for Lower Mainland families. The campaign began with a matching commitment of $50,000 by the two prominent family foundations, and was able to bring in matching $25,000 donations from Vancouver-based Bosa Family Foundation, Cohen Family Foundation and The Giustra Foundation, along with over $27,500 in public donations. 

“We are so grateful to all those who donated, supported and shared this campaign.” said Kasondra Cohen-Herrendorf and Christi Yassin, CEOs of the Herrendorf and Yassin Family Foundations. “When a community comes together like this in such an impactful way, we are telling our youth that we hear them and are here for them, and their unique needs.” 

The We Got You Family Day campaign is under the umbrella of We Got You wrap-around services supported by the Herrendorf Family foundation through its community partners in Canada and the United States. For this campaign, Herrendorf and Yassin Family Foundations have partnered with Face of Today Foundation, which houses a youth resource and support centre serving vulnerable youth primarily in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Located in Gastown's historic Dominion building, the foundation provides a safe space for youth to form a community and participate in afterschool programs. 
“Relationships have always been core to how we build community,” says Sylvia Bosa, Director of the Bosa Family Foundation. “Being able to come together with other local foundations with family ties and shared values was a wonderful opportunity. Our impact stretches much further when we hold hands, and we’re proud to be in such good company as we support Lower Mainland families.” 
Since the start of the campaign, Face of Today Foundation has already been able to add a day of programming in the centre, which will support youth in grade 6 and 7 prepare for their upcoming switch to high school, an often overwhelming time for youth in need of mentorship and guidance from older youth.

“It is so vital and inspiring to come together for those youth and their families in need of additional support.” says Jacqui Cohen, CEO of the Cohen Family Foundation. “We look forward to being part of the generational impact that will come from this Family Day Campaign and the wrap-around services that will be provided.” 

The “We Got You" wrap-around services provided by Face of Today Foundation are responses as unique as the youth and their families' needs. Examples include: therapy with licensed psychologists, private in-person and virtual tutoring, food security, clothing swap and exchange, full or partial scholarships, one-time or yearly bursaries, art and school supplies, success planning tools, hair & makeup services for graduation, grocery and basic needs, gift cards, bus passes/ transportation, free hygiene products, access to fitness equipment, access to laptops and computer monitors, funeral and emergency expenses and financial and housing aid.

“We were pleased to donate to the Family Day Campaign initiative, supporting youth and families with much needed services that we often take for granted. I’m grateful to see this type of cooperation amongst our philanthropic leaders, stepping-up to help the most vulnerable in our community”, said Frank Giustra, President and Founder of The Giustra Foundation.   
The Herrendorf and Yassin Family Foundations want to thank all those who donated to this campaign: David and Christi Garofalo, Clara & Paolo Aquilini and Family, Onni Group, David Mowafaghian Foundation, All West Insurance, Roxana Colquhoun, Shannon Bosa, Kirsten Pejman, Ashkan Hafezi, Lauren Fineman, Wedgewood Hotel, Zahra Salisbury, Naz Shahbazi, Darcie Crowe, Lingling Huang, Donnie MacRae, and Anonymous(s).

The public is encouraged to continue donating to support these needed wrap-around services, as they continue to support increased demographics of youth and their families. Donations can be made at:


About Herrendorf Family Foundation
The Herrendorf Family Foundation invests in strategic partnerships with global change leaders. Together, they advocate for education, empowerment, and generational resilience. In 2021, the Herrendorf Family Foundation launched their wrap-around umbrella “We Got You”, which includes scholarships, emergency grants, support for mothers, contributing partnerships, and community engagement. To learn more visit:

About Face of Today Foundation
Face of Today Foundation was created in 2009 to ensure all youth and their communi:es should
feel empowered through access to resources and education. Face of Today invests in strategic
partnerships with aligned organizations, co-creating and delivering youth-centred programs that
foster resilience, personal development and a mindset of giving back. In 2019, Face of Today’s
resource centre, the Cohen Centre of Social Enterprise, was opened in Gastown, to provide
partner programming in arts, fitness and wellness to at-risk youth. To learn more visit: 

About Yassin Family Foundation
At the Yassin Family Foundation we believe every child deserves to learn, thrive and live up to their fullest potential. To do this, we need to set the children up for success by providing the right support. Basic building blocks for success shouldn’t be out of reach. For our community to achieve its full potential our kids will need to achieve theirs. We believe in being a champion for all children.

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