How 'entrepreneurial philanthropy' is easing, if not solving, the Syrian migrant crisis

Dec 01, 2016

With such tremendous suffering and hardship in the world — from victims of natural disasters to those fleeing wars — it often seems no one is able to do enough, quickly enough.

Sometimes there are political blockades. Sometimes donor states and individuals are tapped out. Sometimes the latest or most pressing needs don’t fit within organizational or governmental mandates.

It’s into those situations that a new generation of philanthropists is injecting itself.

They’re entrepreneurs and disrupters with a “let’s-just-do-it” attitude, who are attempting to bulldoze the roadblocks and do things more efficiently, more expeditiously.

They’re people like Frank Giustra — a Vancouverite who’s made millions in mining and movies — who has targeted Greece and the estimated 55,000 Syrians migrants stuck on the doorstep to Europe with that door wedged closed…