Living Like You Are About to Die

Jan 26, 2016
Sometimes, I wonder if the world would be a better place if we took the time to think about our inevitable expiration more often. Steve Jobs nailed it when he said: “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon, is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered when making the big choices in life.” Choosing how to live a beautiful life is something that is available to most of us, and yet, most of us tend to focus our attention on the things that bring us the least reward and satisfaction. Greed, fear and hate are a few of the most common afflictions that consume us. Ironically, they are also the first things to evaporate when we are suddenly faced with death. So, why do we allow ourselves to get so easily caught up in the things that don’t actually make us happy and forgo the things that do?   READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE HUFFINGTON POST