Vancouver Search and Rescue Supports Syrian Refugees

Jun 06, 2016

The Radcliffe Foundation supports the efforts of Emergency Response Center International (ERCI) and Vancouver Search and Rescue (VancouverSAR) to enhance search and rescue operations off the island of Lesbos, Greece. "Syrian families are risking their lives daily by crossing treacherous waters to find safe havens. And the sad truth is many don't make it," says Panos G. Moraitis, founder of ERCI. "The call of humanity beckons us to do our part to help these families who are leaving everything behind, are unsure of their futures, and simply fighting to survive. With the help of organizations such as The Radcliffe Foundation, we are helping these families one day at a time." For his part, Scott Haig, president of VancouverSAR, says he is "very happy to be partnering with The Radcliffe Foundation, ERCI, and Global Medic to augment the rescue efforts of families fleeing the conflict in Syria." Here, we see ERCI and VancouverSAR participating in joint training exercises on the island of Lesbos, Greece, in May 2016.