Imagining the Impossible, One Step at a Time

Dec 16, 2015
You might not have heard of International Crisis Group. It’s an organization that was created 20 years ago to prevent and resolve deadly conflict around the world. As recent as the early 1990’s, the world assumed that organizations like the UN and many world powers were equipped to prevent deadly wars and genocide. Then along came the Balkans War and the Rwandan genocide. In hindsight, we know that these tragedies could have been either prevented or at least resulted in considerably less civilian casualties. Of course, there will always be deadly conflict. In this Father Empowering Daughter’s video interview, my 10 year old daughter proudly boasted that ICG does the impossible in stopping wars. I had to remind her that we don’t always succeed, but our work does help prevent many conflicts from escalating, and it’s just one example of stumbling forward and making the world a safer place than before ICG existed...   READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE HUFFINGTON POST